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Web Site Brochure – Small Business Services

A very high proportion of small business web sites live on the web reside in the category of ‘ web site brochure ‘. The regular web user is notoriously fickle and first impressions are everything here for a new visitor. A company has to get it right first time out of the box to avoid high ‘bounce’ rates.

Bounce rates are when a visitor comes to a site, deciding in a split second to remain browsing through it or going back to the search engine to find a more aesthetically pleasing competitor.


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Foundation web presence

Why do I need a small web site brochure?

  • Get your business online
  • On page SEO to help you be listed in Search engines
  • Typically 4-5 page site with integrated blog
  • Aesthetically pleasing custom design
  • Licensed (right to use) images from professional stock library
  • Site usage training session included with tutorial video
  • Fast turn around 2-3 weeks*

Highlight aspects of your business

Smart clients use a web site brochure to show off their benefits

  • Introduce new services and products
  • Promote special offers
  • Share and highlight customer testimonials
  • Surpass your competitors with elegance and professionalism
  • Display your awards and achievements
  • Quickly convince visitors to stay on your site.
  • Instil confidence in your brand

Interested in a web site brochure ?

If you are considering a first web site or a re-design, a web site brochure could be exactly what you need for a low cost web presence solution.

Small Business Testimonials

small business testimonials icon

Display what others are saying about you

A successful way of creating new business from first time visitors can be implemented by the regular update of testimonials. Word of mouth marketing is still by far the most powerful means of generating new business. First time buyers look for testimonials as a factor in determining whether or not to contact and eventually buy from you.

Presentation is highly important, along with easy navigation and intuitive link placement. Companies miss many opportunities from having an ineffectively structured web site brochure.

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