corporate intranet design

Corporate intranet design

A growing popular trend during the last decade is for companies to invest in corporate intranet design. Essentially intranets are the provision of linked documents and resources utilising web browsers and localised search facilities to list and load documents.

Intranets are protected from the outside world and are only made available to internal domain users, connected through either LAN, WAN or VPN

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Controlled access to corporate intranets

The deployment of a custom built internal web site readily increases work efficiency for your domain using workforce.

The main benefits are:

  • Quick search for files and media
  • Visual navigation through familiar software browsers
  • Cross platform (multi-device) accessible i.e. smart phones, desktops and tablets
  • Centralised backup and restore for data integrity
  • Readily manageable web content system for changes and additions
  • User account privilege control and access rights
  • Isolated and protected from the internet

Platform for corporate intranet design

An intranet web site truly bears close approximation to an internet site. The technology is based on readily available and free web browsers with the services being provided by reliable server applications.

Essentially there are 2 main choices:

  • Microsoft web server using IIS
  • Linux Apache based web server

Both solutions offer advantages, that being said, the second choice is the cheaper option. The Linux option arguable offers better, more intuitive, free 3rd party software.

How easy is it to manage a company intranet?

The products we build are designed to be friendly towards non-technical staff who can at least use a web browser and find their way around a web site. Absolutely no coding is necessary is for personnel assigned to the alterations of content on the intranet. The interface is self intuitive and as straightforward in appearance as using a recognised document editor.

Changes can be me made and implemented in a matter of seconds. The changes include links to documents, addition of images and video along with changes to user access rights and permissions.

Tell me more about corporate intranet design

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