building an ecommerce web site

Building an eCommerce Web Site With Elegance

Modern online shopping should be a smooth and painless experience. The user browsing market is now over 50% smart device based; this has to be taken into consideration when building an eCommerce web site.

A shopping site has to look aesthetically sound whilst supporting easy functionality to users. The response time needs to be fast in page loading and updating. If your site page hasn’t loaded in less than 3 seconds then you’ve just lost 40% of your customers.

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What does it take to have a shop online?

The process of putting a shop online requires a series of steps, of which we can implement for you albeit with some input on your part.


Find a web host with good service ratings and recommended load times


Develop and build a content management system with commerce functionality


Populate your catalogue with product descriptions, pricing and media


Arrange drop shipping where possible for your items to customers from distributors


Write articles on specific products you are keen to highly promote


Obtain a merchant account for online banking.


Setup a business paypal account (leading companies offer paypal as well as card payments)


Create an expectancy for launch via social media and invite users to visit and comment

eCommerce Web Site Design

Before you hit the marketing switch and pull in all that wonderful web traffic via search engines and social media, you need to have several things in place:

  • Alluring web layout
  • Easy to navigate to regions and menu implementation
  • Fast load pages and server communication
  • Call to action sales funnels

People look but is it you they find ?

Search engine ranking is where money is lost or made. The truth is about the value you can add to your visitors. Writing articles about your products is an effective means of building up your traffic volume over time. If you want to succeed with your online shop you must be prepared to commit time in adding fresh interesting content on a weekly if not daily basis.

Search engines adore content writers who create interesting and valuable insights to users about available services and products. Persistence and dedication is required for your shop to flourish.

Design for success – secure for safety

With cyber fraud forever on increase, it pays handsomely to protect your site and customers against internet thieves. Internet criminals often use sophisticated programs to sniff out weaknesses on web servers. It is essential to keep web server software up to date, implementing patches and upgrades where necessary to reduce the potential for attack.

When building an ecommerce web site great consideration should be given to the policies you will put in place to protect your business from outside attack and data theft. The higher the profile of the site, the more it can potentially become a target.

Building an eCommerce web site

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