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Small Business Web Services

The majority of our clients are small businesses from 1 to 250 employees. Whilst we have developed for some very large clients, (including the NHS), we feel our strengths are centered on the personal touch and being capable of projecting unique company personalities through small business web services.

Your success is our future, we rely on getting it right for you to promote us to others


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Content Management Sites

For a site to do well in the search engines, it’s important to add fresh content regularly that adds value to the user and is easy to navigate through. A content management system empowers web site owners with the ability to make changes to their site as often as they choose.

Web Brochure Sites

The web is by far the most used tool to find businesses offering either products, information and services. If you don’t project the right image when someone visits your site they will go elsewhere (this is called a bounce). It is a trait of humanity to reside with first impressions.

SEO packages

It is becoming regular for businesses to have glorious looking sites and yet they have low placement in the search engines results. Content is very much king and the primary foundation for search engine optimisation (SEO). We offer content creation along with longtail* keyword research to increase your web presence.

Social Networking Management

If you are not already using social networking for your business, then you are very much missing out an a very effective avenue of easy marketing and strong lead generation. Social media is a powerful tool to promote your brand and individual products by way of the personal approach to potential clients. It provides a way for you to be accessible as a real person that cold marketing does not.

Design Rebranding

Is the projection of your brand beginning to wear a little thin? Renewal and regeneration by design is positive way of displaying an energy within any business; alongside the update of content, an effective means of raising search engine awareness. The essential truth is 94% of a website user’s first impressions are web related.

Graphic Design

Amongst our team we have trained and experienced graphic and art designers. We use licensed, industry recognised development tools to produce professional and exciting graphical media. It is vital to convey grpahical unity for a business and its brand across both online (web) and offline (print) media.

Interested in any of our small business web services ?

Having looked through this page, have you found anything that may be of use to your organisation. If you would like to discuss finer details of our small business web services, or you would like a consultation and quote, please click on the button.

Corporate Intranets

We independently manage and build corporate intranets to provide document and software tool libraries for clients and their user base. Proficient, intuitive intranet sites are statistically proven to assist employees and reduce company data and procedure information access times.

E Commerce Web Sites

Want to put your products online and attract customers? Your shop needs to look the part, be easy to navigate and fast to respond to user choices otherwise they will leave. We have the technical knowledge, marketing experience and design abilities to make it work.

Web Site Hosting

Do you need hosting for your web site? Has anyone ever given you a free review on your hosting requirements (you may actually be paying for services you don’t need). We offer shared, VPS, cloud and dedicated server hosting options.

IT Services

Prior to 2006 we operated solely as an IT consultancy company, building, maintaining and upgrading company networks, workstations and information systems. We have continued to develop our knowledge and stand firmly at the front of corporate network hardware and software technologies.

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