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Web Site Content Management Systems

Mercifully the number of web sites that are static based have diminished to a very small percentage.  Major search engines used across the internet favor new, well written, regularly updated content; content management systems are the cornerstone to building higher traffic.

A web site needs to look great, that’s a given if a company wants to keep people interested once they have been found. The content also needs to be relevant, read friendly and should add value to the user.


Content Management Systems – Responsible Web Design

CMS stands for Content Management System. This gives you the ability to control and manage the content of your website at any time as long as you have internet access; web sites a can even be updated from a smart device.

What can you do with CMS websites?

  • Add new pages and posts
  • Integrate video and images
  • Update your online shop with items, prices and descriptions
  • Change fonts, colours and entire page layouts with drag and drop ease
  • Do your own on page SEO; increase your web traffic
  • Beat your competition and gain new customers

User Friendly Management Systems

Content management systems - sounds interesting ?

If you interested in learning more about content management systems and what they can do for you – please talk to us.

Responsive Web Sites – What Are They ?

Users browse the web through desktop PCs, tablet and smart phones. These devices utilise varying display sizes and pixel resolutions. It is essential to have a site that can adapt to any display size to provide the visitor with the best experience possible. No person likes to have to zoom into a site on their smart phone.

A responsive web site will adapt to the screen size and orientation (landscape or portrait). Certain features will appear on larger devices and may be hidden on smaller screens to assist load times and maintain aesthetic appeal.

Since the 21 of April 2015 all non-mobile friendly websites are negatively affected in search engine rankings, especially Google. This simply means if your website isn’t mobile friendly you will lose rankings on mobile searches to competitors who have responsive web sites.

Every site we produce is built to be responsive across all 4 main categories of device i.e. laptop, PC, tablet and smart phone.

Did you know?
Having a responsive website means you can reach more people who use different platforms.

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